Jason, a Suzuki Parent


“Our Family joined Suzuki Music in 2019.  Firstly, based on our experiences, Suzuki not only provided our daughters a systematic piano learning program, but also providing them tremendous opportunities to perform.  Through stage by stage learning, it enables them to build up their skill and confidence in many aspects of performing.

Secondly, as parents who have little and no musical experience or knowledge, Suzuki method’s approach and  unique music education philosophy gives us a 100% opportunity for involvement. By allowing us to attend all lessons, our daughters have much higher and effective practice results,  ensuring that they are reinforcing the skills they learnt during their lessons.

Finally, this is very important to us, that our daughters have learned to listen music.  They have enjoyed all the recital performances. As parents we have appreciated and enjoyed every moment of the lessons and after class practicing involvements.  We will continue to appreciate and treasure these valuable memories.”