Guitar is one of the most beautiful, versatile and rewarding instruments to learn and Suzuki Music has highly trained and skilled guitar teachers who offer the very best learning opportunities for children from the age of 3.

Suzuki Guitar allows students to progress step by step from simple melodies through to complex, rewarding repertoire – nurturing deep musicality, a love of music and effortless ease on an instrument whose challenges are often underestimated.

With nine published books and recordings, refined by master teachers across the globe, the Suzuki Guitar repertoire offers a comprehensive program to develop students from the earliest stages through to university entry level and beyond.

Our student graduates include those who’ve pursued diverse careers in music alongside countless others who carry a deeply fulfilling musical ability and significant personal development into their adult lives.

The Suzuki approach offers unique opportunities for our youngest to oldest students through regular group playing, ensemble experiences and workshops with leading Australian and international guitar teachers.  

Together forming one of the largest and longest standing guitar programs in Victoria, our highly-trained teachers are supported in their professional growth through ongoing specialised training, collaboration and shared events at home, interstate and overseas.

Suzuki Guitar teachers are supported in their ongoing learning by taking part in regular professional teacher training programs and workshops.

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