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The Suzuki Bass course is relatively new and is still being refined by teachers around the world. The sequence of bass repertoire bears many similarities to the well-loved pieces of the violin, viola and cello books – and is adapted to include music written specifically for the bass.

With the availability of fractional sized double basses, students from the age of 4 can now enjoy the benefits of Suzuki training. Your teacher would determine what sized instrument your child would need, and it is recommended you do not buy an instrument without the guidance of your teacher. Because Suzuki method is an aural approach which focuses on producing excellent tone from the earliest stages it is essential to have a good quality instrument. Remember that as your child grows and needs a bigger and bigger instrument, you will be transporting for quite a long time!

Suzuki bass students have individual lessons, attend regular group lessons and have the opportunity to play in Suzuki Music’s solo concerts, holiday workshops and festivals. As with other instruments, there are also opportunities to take part in international Suzuki festivals.

The bass features in various types of ensemble music; double bassists provide the foundation in ensembles ranging from classical to jazz. The repertoire in the Suzuki books already introduces the student to jazz. Your young double bass player would be made very welcome by just so many music groups. Double bass lessons are well worth your consideration, excellent double bassists are always in high demand.

And with all styles of playing, the bassist needs to be well trained in aural skills – the ear-brain-speed needs to have been well developed. Those skills are brought out by Dr Suzuki’s Method. As with other Suzuki instruments, reading is delayed until the basic playing technique is established. Then reading is also well taught – so a bass student would fit seamlessly into an ensemble such as a symphony orchestra.

Suzuki Double Bass Teachers have undertaken specialised training, and receive ongoing professional development and teacher training specific to children, music and Suzuki Method.

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