Students (ages 3 and up) have individual cello lessons, attend regular group lessons and have the opportunity to play in solo concerts and holiday workshops and festival.

The cello is loved for its deep sonorous tone and wide expressive capabilities. Cellos come in a range of sizes suitable for children of all ages, even the very young. Suzuki Music has highly trained and skilled cello teachers who offer the very best learning opportunities from the age of 3. Suzuki Cello repertoire begins with simple folk songs and progressively introduces well-known music from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods. Further repertoire is explored beyond the ten Suzuki books to encompass the full range of exciting material featuring the cello.

Students develop from the earliest stages through to university level and beyond using the carefully stages progression of the pieces under the guidance of their teacher.

The Suzuki approach offers unique opportunities for our youngest to oldest students through regular group playing, ensemble experiences and workshops with leading Australian and International Cello teachers.

Our student graduates include those who’ve pursued diverse careers in music alongside countless others who carry a deeply fulfilling musical ability and significant personal development into their adult lives.

Suzuki Cello teachers are supported in their ongoing learning by taking part in regular professional teacher training programs and workshops.

Please contact a teacher in your area to find out more after reading all about the Suzuki approach here.

Purchasing an Instrument

Young students learn on a smaller instrument and they move to larger instruments as they grow. Because Suzuki method is an aural approach which focuses on producing excellent tone from the earliest stages it is essential to have a good quality instrument.

Parents are requested not to purchase a cello before starting lessons as teachers will have recommendations on the size of instrument to purchase, appropriate brands of cello, and where to buy them.

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