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“As a music teacher who learnt the “traditional” way, I only discovered what the Suzuki Method was all about when I was at university. I thought then, “If I ever have kids, that’s how they’re going to learn the piano!” 15 years later, three of my children are learning Suzuki piano and I couldn’t be

Lauren, a Suzuki Parent

“Suzuki teaches you more than just music. It teaches valuable discipline, time management and organisational skills that transfer to all facets of life. The devotion expected from teachers, parents and students alike sets a good standard for children to strive for in their broader

Matt, a Suzuki Student
”So many things I loved about Suzuki! I loved the nurturing and respectful environment of the Suzuki community. I loved Suzuki’s high standards—it was always about beautiful playing with beautiful tone.  I loved the way performing in public was a natural part of every Suzuki child’s musical journey. I loved Suzuki teachers—my son’s teacher was

Lindy, a Suzuki Parent
“It’s been a great musical and personal journey with my students since I started working as a Suzuki Method Piano teacher in 2010 with my very first student who was 3 years old. I enjoy every moment helping students, step by step, to progress their learning and sharing a great sense of achievement with them.

Yuko, a Suzuki Teacher
“This method is not just a music program, it’s a journey to remember. The carefully crafted volumes of repertoire have guided me through the vast world of music, helping me develop solid foundations as a musician. By following this pathway I have had countless opportunities to perform and learn at Suzuki Music events throughout the year.

Angelina, a Suzuki Student
“My daughter has been a Suzuki music student for seven years, since she was six, and it has become a foundation of her identity. The method, as we’ve experienced it, has been a fantastic and complementary counterpoint to mainstream school. Suzuki learning has been a stable and consistent part of our days as things change around us. Suzuki music

Jim, a Suzuki Parent
“A few years down the track of our Suzuki journey, it has become an integral part of our family life. Whether in parenting, character building, value instilling, and many more aspects, we see the colourful threads of Suzuki Music woven into a beautiful canvas that forms the backdrop of our children’s lives. Suzuki music certainly

Vicky, a Suzuki Parent
“I’m in a special place to love the Suzuki method, as I both learned Suzuki piano from age 3 myself, and then began teaching Suzuki piano at age 18. The thing I loved most about it as a child was being able to hear what my new pieces were supposed to sound like before learning

Hanna, a Suzuki Teacher
“Our family loves Suzuki Events. It’s always fun because everyone plays the same piece together in a fun way. Instead of practicing playing violin, they are playing while enjoying the games in the group class. When the class is playing the pieces they haven’t learnt yet, my children listen and watch other players. They always

Haipei, a Suzuki Parent
“The first time that I heard piano was when I was a little four-year-old girl, listening to my friend play at Church.  The music was so beautiful that I thought it was magical. It touched the bottom of my heart.  I remember when I learnt my first piece and my first performance, and how excited

Chloe, a Suzuki Student
“I have been learning piano with Suzuki Music since I was 3 years old. Suzuki recommends starting from a young age, which helped me in developing a musical talent.  Suzuki’s frequent piano concerts have improved my performance skills, and they have also built up my confidence. I am now 13 years old,  and this year

Terrence, a Suzuki Student
“I feel very blessed to have Suzuki offer my daughters such a wonderful musical education! I think that I was very lucky to find their teacher who gave both of them professional advice and knowledge during their lessons. I also like that everyone gets a lot of opportunities to perform and share their music! This

Crystal, a Suzuki Parent
“My journey as a parent with Suzuki Music has been fantastic. My two sons started learning piano at a very young age. The Suzuki method not only develops their talent in music, but it also enables them to play music by listening and by memory. As Suzuki Music holds a variety of concerts for the

Merry, a Suzuki Parent
“Our Family joined Suzuki Music in 2019.  Firstly, based on our experiences, Suzuki not only provided our daughters a systematic piano learning program, but also providing them tremendous opportunities to perform.  Through stage by stage learning, it enables them to build up their skill and confidence in many aspects of performing. Secondly, as parents who

Jason, a Suzuki Parent

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