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Suzuki Baby and Toddler Music classes aim to provide a quality, happy musical experience in a calm, stress-free learning environment.  Even the youngest babies have the opportunity to hear and play good quality percussion instruments with beautiful tones (sound quality).  There is a focus on the development of listening skills and, as with all Suzuki education, the teachers are guided by the principle of character first, then ability.

Familiar routines and repertoire are used so that the children come to thoroughly know the songs and activities, encouraging confident and happy participation.  Listening to the program recordings at home in between classes is a lovely way to ‘re-live’ the happy moments from class, as well as help reinforce the skills learned from week to week.

Suzuki Baby and Toddler Music classes are appropriate for children aged between about 6 weeks and approximately 3 years of age.  Younger children learn more quickly when older children are modeling more sophisticated skills and the older toddlers tend to be settled by the presence of the younger babies, and they enjoy being ‘the experts’ which is important for the development of self-esteem. Classes are designed to accommodate children of all ability levels, including newborn babies.  With a wide variety in each class, every child is free to develop at their own pace.

Early childhood teachers observe the children carefully to fully understand what their educational needs are, so they can tailor the class to those needs.  Many Suzuki Baby and Toddler Music classes are taught by a team of two teachers to provide greater opportunities for close observation as well as smooth activity changeovers and more opportunities for the children to work individually with a teacher.

Children are often quite ready to begin learning a musical instrument by the time they ‘outgrow’ the program at about age 3.  For those who are not yet ready, most Suzuki Baby and Toddler teachers also offer weekly classes for preschoolers.

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