In Suzuki Voice the singing voice is treated as an instrument and is encouraged to develop naturally through the Suzuki repertoire. Relaxation and vocalisation are important features of each lesson. The teaching method is similar to other instruments although formal lessons can be started at a much younger age. 

Prenatal, babies and toddler classes are available and these are usually held for groups of three to five children of a similar age. When a child is about three (this age is only approximate and varies from child to child) he or she can begin individual lessons with the parent and teacher in addition to group lessons. This program is designed to continue teaching classical singing through to advanced repertoire and vocal maturity. Our student graduates include those who’ve pursued diverse careers in music alongside countless others who carry a deeply fulfilling musical ability and significant personal development into their adult lives.

Suzuki Voice teachers are supported in their ongoing learning by taking part in regular professional teacher training programs and workshops.

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