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Directory of Accredited Suzuki Teachers

All the teachers listed here are endorsed as accredited and licensed Suzuki Method teachers because they have fulfilled all the following requirements:

  • Have completed an accreditation course of specialist Suzuki teacher training, or have partially completed and are approved to start teaching but not yet enter students for graduation, AND
  • Have a current license to use the name ‘Suzuki’ to describe their teaching, given by current financial membership of Suzuki Music (Suzuki Talent Education Association of Australia, Vic.), AND
  • Meet ongoing professional development requirements, AND
  • Have a valid Working With Children check, or are currently registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching, and have provided these details to Suzuki Music.

There are three levels of accreditation – Primary, Intermediate and Advanced. Teacher Trainers have completed Advanced Accreditation and have also been approved to train other teachers. All teachers, including those who already have a music degree or diploma and several years of teaching experience, begin their training at the Primary Level and work their way through each level. The courses involve detailed study of the Suzuki repertoire, Suzuki philosophy and method, and child development principles. After completing a course, all Suzuki teachers are expected to attend regular workshops and teacher training sessions in order to keep abreast of new ideas and techniques.

Approved Teachers In Training have begun their initial Suzuki accreditation, and have demonstrated the required knowledge and skill to be ready to start teaching students. By doing so they will develop the skills necessary to complete their first accreditation level. Approved Teachers In Training are able to enter students for all events except Graduation due to the limited nature of this training. Fully accredited teachers may enrol students in all events as appropriate.

How to use this directory

When looking for a Suzuki teacher, we recommend that you contact and observe lessons with a number of teachers before making a decision. The three-way relationship between teacher, child and parent is very important and can last for many years, so it is crucial to be working with someone that you both like and respect.

Most teachers will have their own Studio Policy; please ask them what it includes.

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