Directory of Accredited Suzuki Teachers

To be recognised as a Suzuki teacher on the list below, a teacher must have completed an accreditation course of Suzuki teacher training (or be approved to start teaching), be a current financial member of the Suzuki Talent Education Association of Australia, Victoria (Suzuki Music), meet ongoing professional development requirements. And must also undergo a Working With Children Check or be currently registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching and provide these details to Suzuki Music to remain on the Teacher List. 

There are three levels of accreditation – Primary, Intermediate and Advanced. Teacher Trainers have completed Advanced accreditation and have also been approved to train other teachers. All teachers, including those who already have a music degree or diploma and several years teaching experience, begin their training at the Primary Level and work their way through each level. The courses involve detailed study of the Suzuki repertoire, Suzuki philosophy and methodology, and child development principles. After completing a course, all Suzuki teachers are expected to attend regular workshops and teacher training sessions in order to keep abreast of new ideas and techniques.

The reputation of a Suzuki teacher is gained by the quality of work they produce with their students and by their involvement in Suzuki Music activities. Please refer to Teacher Accreditation for assistance with questions to ask and what to look for.

How to use this directory

When looking for a Suzuki teacher, we recommend that you contact and observe lessons with a number of teachers before making a decision. The three-way relationship between teacher, child and parent is very important so it is crucial to be working with someone that you both like and respect. You should also ask to see their current Working With Children Check card or VIT registration card as it is imperative that teachers hold one of these.

Teachers are listed by instrument and then the location(s) in which they teach. The list of accredited teachers includes a listing of other qualifications held by a teacher, as well as their level of Suzuki accreditation. Teachers listed as Approved Trainee have advanced sufficiently in their training to accept Suzuki students although they are not yet accredited and cannot enter students for graduation. Once teachers have completed the first level of Suzuki training they have a Primary accreditation level. Teachers can then choose to complete more training to achieve Intermediate and then Advanced levels of accreditation. Teachers listed as Teacher Trainers have an Advanced level of accreditation and also train the teachers.

NEW in 2021: Some teachers have indicated that they are available to teach students online on an ongoing basis. These teachers have an asterisk next to their name in the lists.

You may find that some teachers are listed as having no vacancies. This means that they are not accepting new students at the present time. Many music teachers have studio policies in place that will provide information about things such as: 
Encourage the use of the Suzuki approach to music education by sponsoring or conducting conferences, workshops, concerts, graduations, festivals, demonstrations, etc. Payment for lessons (how much and when to pay). Cancellation of lessons (eg for illness), Notice required to cease lessons with the teacher, Appropriate times and methods for contacting the teacher, Appropriate behavior during lessons. 

Before commencing lessons with a teacher please ask if they have a studio policy and ensure you read and understand it.

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Teacher Accreditation

Learn more about Suzuki teacher accreditation here